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Rela is a genuine oasis in the middle of the city that combines relaxing water procedures, beauty and wellness services, and sports.

Violet Krasinski


Bella Almost

Chief masseusse

Rita Parker


Esme Shield


Yoga Instructor


Yoga forces us to reevaluate ourselves and to realize how powerful we really are. Yoga clears a pathway for us to return to ourselves and to our oneness. Letting go of self-imposed limitations. For every person that I am fortune enough to share the gift of yoga with, I humbly and enthusiastically welcome. I will bear witness not only to the struggle that brought you here, but also to your advancement, to your strength and to your self-realization and transformation. The divine spirit in me acknowledges and connects with the divine spirit in you. Let no one steal your peace.

Dance Instructor


Kileigh Boatwright is a trained performer, teacher, and creator. She moved away from home in the Midwest and graduated from Theater Arts Preparatory School here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kileigh has a passion for teaching and spreading the love for the Arts, as well as living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Tai Chi Instructor


Sir Odin (Spencer) Starr is an open hearted Manifestor of Self Expression and Compassionate Growth for ALL! =) He is an accomplished Expert in Tai Chi and Qigong mentoring many masters of Healing and Martial Arts. He established his certification in Qigong and Tai Chi/ Taiji Chuan through the Lohan Shaolin Temple of Las Vegas through a 6 year Discipleship encapsulating a wealth of education in Traditional Chinese Systems of Holistic health with Mind, Body and Spirit. Odin has incorporated over 15 years of study in Martial Arts, Meditation, Natural Health and Manifestation Meditation to empower others with both Ancient and Modern techniques for Life Enhancement and Growth. Please, if you will, Ask and you shall receive all the energy you can dream =)

Yoga Instructor


Francis’s journey into the field of wellness starts years back where he was working as an M.D. in Chicago. A lifetime later, he now leads yoga classes with the goal of empowering others to find their own paths into wellness.With his yoga background, Francis infuses his flows with influences ranging from Ashtanga to Bikram, and Rocket to Power Flow. His aim is to keep the class challenging and interesting, but still keeping a light-heartedness and feeling of fun throughout the class.

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Skin Care

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We offer a variety of facial services to suit your individual skin care needs. Our estheticians use only the finest Bioelements products based on trace minerals, essential oils, and plant extracts. Every facial includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, customized mask, and moisture treatment.

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