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At Restoration Studio, We use holistic, immune-boosting protocol therapies that preventively treat your entire health system rather than reactively treat a disease that develops from environmental toxins, pollutants, food allergies, and others that wear our cells down and lower our ability to fight off these diseases and ailments.

“These guys treat you fairly, and will go the extra mile to help you with any spa issues.”

Luke Chan
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"We have had our spa for a year now and it works great, whenever they are right there."

Brienne Dutcher
Accountant, MarketDue

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Relaxation and Respite.

Everybody is looking for places where to relax and get more energy. In our wellness center silence, energy, beauty and vitality meet. The treatments we offer will refresh both your body and soul. We'll be glad to welcome you and recommend our facilities and services.

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